We Are Decentralizing The United States Government Legally

Operation Freebird is a mechanism to bring pure representative democracy like our founding fathers would have if the technology existed back then.

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We represent the revolution crypto was always meant to be.

Freebird is a catalyst to the new digital age of ownership, transparency, and freedom that the blockchain infrastructure was built to facilitate.

We forged a path to give the people a more perfect union.

That's why we are electing an official who agrees to vote in favor of the American People. Made possible by our hyperconnected internet age. The political class need not reign any longer. Our political system is set up to symbiotically work with these new capabiltes.

Say NO To Taxation
And YES To Representation.

We are here to give everyone a voice. Your $FreeBird NFT acts as voting rights in this new digitized representative democracy.

Download The FREEBIRD App on IOS and Google Play To Claim.

The Freebird app is the first blockchain wallet to have a built in voting systems. Users will get notifications when new proposals go live that they can vote on.

Alternatively they can defer their vote to their favorite party.

Only American users may vote on American politics.

Putting An End To Suspicions Of Voter Fraud

All votes and actions are stored on chain for everyone to see.

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The Future Of Twitter Is On Chain

Secure Your Digital Voting Rights

Want to know more? Read our whitepaper.

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Decentrelon Roadmap

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Decentrelon app launch - Fully functional cryptocurrency wallet (IOS / Google Play)

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Token will act as a governance token for Decentrelon, and future utility will be based on community proposals and initiatives

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All current Twitter users can claim $Decentrelon allocation and ownership over Twitter username

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$Decentrelon holders will be able to vote on future ownership of the new decentralized platform. At this time, the community fully drives the future of Decentrelon.

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Decentrelon treasury can be leveraged by community to acquire Twitter, fund development of a new decentralized platform, or complete any other mission proposed and voted on by $Decentrelon holders

Operation Freebird is working towards updating the operation system of Democracy.