What is a DAO?

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) operate under a shared goal, give each member equal say in making decisions, and often lead treasuries or stores of wealth under collective ruling. How do you pronounce DAO? “Dow.”

A decentralized autonomous organization is exactly what the name says; a group of people who come together without a central leader or company dictating any of the decisions. They are built on a blockchain using smart contracts (digital one-of-one agreements). Members of DAOs often buy their way in, most of the time purchasing a governance token specifically for the DAO that gives them the ability to vote on decisions that are made around how the pool of money is spent and managed. These groups can be made up of people from around the world, who often communicate on Discord channels.

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What is an Airdrop?

The act of depositing cryptocurrency in public crypto wallets — are used as a tool for marketing, liquidity creation, and network bootstrapping for many types of blockchain projects.

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Frequently asked questions

How are you going to prevent against bots?

You must verify your American citizenship in order to vote on the platform.

How is Freebird prepared for a massive userbase?

We have built our platform on polygon in order to account for the potential hundreds of millions of users who will onboard.

Who owns Freebird?

Freebird is following an “Exit To Community” strategy to become completely democratized.

What is the Tokenomics of Decentrelon?

Decentrelon is simply a governance token to serve as the decentralized board governing the updates to the app which we envision to build the crypto twitter on.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet?

Cryptocurrency wallets are software used to communicate with blockchain networks to safely access, send and receive crypto funds or assets. Simply put, the software stores your crypto just like traditional wallets store your cash and credit cards. The wallet does not actually hold physical items - instead, it holds unique digital passwords or “private keys” which allow you to transact on the blockchain.

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is code that runs “on top” of a blockchain that executes when particular conditions are met. Smart contracts can make decisions, distribute profits, and carry out other tasks.

What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that are secured and contained on the blockchain. The blockchain verifies ownership, provenance, and transaction history.

How are we going to buy Twitter, or build the support to gian traction on a new one?

Step 1: Make Meme
Step 2: Release Airdrop For All Twitter Users
Step 3. Meme Dream
Step 4: Continue To Release Updates
Step 5. Become The Largest Crypto Wallet App
Step 6. Build The Treasury

Refer to our whitepaper on docs.decentrelon.com for a more in depth analysis

How much tax is there to buy/sell the token?

Freebird has NO tax.

I don't have a crypto wallet, or any cryptocurrency, how can I claim?

Decentrelon will be available to claim through the crypto wallet application you download or the web application. This is where you will post a tweet in order to get your allocation, and vote on the future of the building of the crypto twitter.

If Decentrelon does not buy Twitter what will happen?

Decentrelon has a FINAL goal of buying Twitter, but at its core its a software company focusing on building the healthier, better version of Twitter which rewards its users in new ways. Either we build it, or we will buy it.

When will Decentrelon become fully decentralized?

As soon as the community has had time to ponder and propose a fully decentralized system moving forward we will initiate the vote leading to the Founding Fathers & Mothers burning their access to the smart contract.

How do I claim my $Freebird?

Each Twitter user may claim their free $Freebird tokens by simply downloading the Decentrelon app and completing a tweet to claim function. By claiming your tokens, you are joining the revolution for decentralization and have a vote in the future of the platform.

Can I still participate in Decentrelon if I don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet or own any cryptocurrency?

Yes. All that is required to claim free $Freebird tokens is a Twitter profile, downloading the Decentrelon app, and following the tweet to claim instructions.

How do I sell my token?

In order to give this movement the greatest chance of success selling and of token through the DEX is restricted until Sept 17th 2022. This is subject to change based off of public opinion and of a vote.

Operation Freebird is working towards updating the operation system of Democracy.