Why We Should Legally Decentralize The United States To Create A More Pure Democracy.

When our founding fathers set up this nation, they did their best to decentralize the voting power to the people. At the time we did not have ways to create trustless digital systems that would allow the creation of a Pure Representative Democracy. Instead representatives that represented their state, via a voting system was, the purest form of democracy possible and so it was chosen.

Now, in the age of the internet of things where 100% of the population has access to digital connectivity, we can finally create true pure democracy as it was always meant to be and the best part is that there is no need for a violent revolution, or to subvert

Why This Matters:
While delegates are supposed to represent the majority they tend to fall into the power law of financiers [https://www.vox.com/2014/4/18/5624310/martin-gilens-testing-theories-of-american-politics-explained]

Our mission is to help push forward the inevitable deterministically in time by providing a pathway for every individual's voting power to become more salient. The closer we get to real democracy the better we represent what the people truly want. Once there is no one to blame but ourselves, we can finally hold ourselves accountable rather than blaming a political class. Currently, we have representatives LOOSELY attempting to represent the vote of the public.

With today's technology, the public can now literally be represented in true form. If you are thinking that this means every single person needs to vote on every bill, that would of course be ineffective as most people do not have time to research each new proposal. Instead, we reach pure democracy by allowing a real democratic version of representation in real-time. That means that at any moment, I can give my voting power to any individual in the world who I want to represent me and my vote will be cast based on their best judgment.

What if the entire political system ran on true democracy that everyone could vote on through their phones?

Obviously getting political leaders to give up their POWER of representation to give true representation to the nation over is not going to happen by their will.

Instead, we will enact this non-violent revolution seat by seat of the senate and the state. The first election that completes this operation acts as an initial domino to kickstart this inevitable and great future where corruption from centralized power is no more.

The main concern that will be used as propaganda to try and denote the value of this vision is the idea that this makes our democracy more capable of being manipulated. Where world powers may use their influence on social networks to manipulate the populace. Instead, the argument is that having single nodes to securely vote on the right choice for all of the people would sustain a better democracy. This is of course blasphemous .

What makes this form of Democracy so much more secure is that it makes each individual just as represented as the other. In the same way blockchain technology is more secure because it runs on so many servers that all verify their votes, rather than putting the voting power in say 455 people's hands, we see a future where the voting power is in the hands of the over 250 million US adults. Imagine a nation that works together to improve culture and the platforms we engage with in order to collectively build a better future for us all.

Operation Freebird is working towards updating the operation system of Democracy.